Monday, September 22, 2014


Then the question must be put: Are our U.S. blacks -- who complain so bitterly about official Voter ID with photo -- less intelligent than the people of India? Or is it that many of our black citizens just don't want to take the trouble to put personal effort into a very important privilege -- the right to vote? I have my suspicions, but they do not compliment African Americans who are causing all the fuss -- unnecessarily! I just cannot maintain any respect for people like that.
  • Brent E. Kovac This whole issue is a sham .. everybody agrees that having identification is easy and important and should be a requirement to vote.. the left is just playing this issue so that they corrupt the vote .. as long as we have these cheaters tools like early voting , same day registration ..provisional ballots ..out of precinct voting.. electronic voting machines ..our elections will never be legit ...they just keep repeating that lame excuse about it dienfranchising poor and blacks because that is their go-to strategy when attempting something that is indefensible ... its funny how they claim poor and blacks are disproportionately affected by these laws ..i call bullsh#t .. these are people who know how to apply for every form of government \public assistance on the planet but we are to believe that they just cant figure out how to get an identification card ?
    .yea ..I dont think so.
  • Andy Koeppel Brent- I agree. We need more people to say without voter id, cheating is likely to occur. Sadly, the media is trying to frame the issue to make it about racism since that seems to justify any unethical matter needed to advance their agenda.
  • Brent E. Kovac Their arguement is ridiculous. .they say ..there is no evidence that voter fraud is occurring .. but the same argument can be made that there is no evidence that voter fraud is not occurring ..
  • Adeniyi Ojutiku Please refrain from making derogatory and racist comments. Point of correction: The people complaining are not Blacks but Democrats. Many of us Blacks are Conservatives and support voter ID.
  • Brent E. Kovac There hasnt been a "racist" or derogatory comment made in this post yet .. I have a feeling you my friend are going to be offended at anything said here so going to go ahead and invite you to leave this conversation right now .. because if I have something to say about black folks ..white folks, yellow brown silver or blue .. you can bet your sweet ass sir ..that im going to say it ..and if it isn't particularly glowing or complimentary of people of color ..well you are going to have to get over it .. because you dont really have to agree or like it .. I for one am offendsd that you have entered this very legitimate conversation as some sort of self professed speech policeman .. telling us what to or not to say .. I think we are quite aware of the boundaries of decenr conversation lie .. I hardly need you to remind me of that .. in fact ..I belive it is you and people like you that are the biggest problem ..running around here and there ..telling people not to say anything racist....screeching about racism even where there is none .. at least not until you showed up appear to be the racist here my friend .. suggesting that a couple white guys cant talk about blacks being suckered and used by the powers against voter ID blacks should be the ones pissed that people think your race is too stupid ignorant and disadvantagsd to figure out how to obtain photo id .. rather than contribute towards that conversation ..which again is very legitimate ,current and of importance ..instead you choose to instruct us ..not to say anything racist chose the least common denominator .. sad and in part why blacks struggle in society.. not because of us whites ..but because of you and your extinct philosophy that blacks are poor disadvantaged victims and shouldnt be the subject of conversation by white people .. your very mindset is racist sir .. and I do not respect that one bit.
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  • Brent E. Kovac The voter registration roles should be accurate .. the only reason they are left a mess with old addreses and registrations and deceased still on there is so that they can hide bad votes .. if they could not use these inaccurate lists to their advantag...See More
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  • Adeniyi Ojutiku Again, you need to be better informed. I am Black and support voter ID and there are many Blacks like me.

    You are misdirecting the argument.

    The people against voter ID are Denocrats - White, Black, Hispanics etc.

    Opposition to voter ID has nothing to do with race but political affiliation. So, calm down!
  • Brent E. Kovac well .. I am white and support voter ID so there is some common ground we share .. even us less informed types . and I agree only to a point that this is not a racial issue .. it's about voter fraud period ... but it is made into a race issue by those...See More
  • Adeniyi Ojutiku You seem to agree with be that Blacks are being victimized in this voter ID saga by the political left's propaganda machinery, which depicts Blacks as a racial block opposed to voter ID.

    You also seem to agree with me that this propaganda illusion ha
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  • George Hardy · Friends with Daniel Allan Nance
    Verne Strickland is a racial bigot.