Friday, September 26, 2014

Unbiased television coverage of Tillis - Hagan battle hard to come by. But news time has to be filled. Doesn't it?

This week-end coverage from WTCD/11 in Durham purports to give an "all things equal" report on the pitched battle between conservative NC GOP candidate Thom Tillis and Democrat incumbent Kay Hagan. But don't buy that. Anchor Larry Stoger, a perennial liberal Democrat booster, has always seems troubled by the need to deliver unbiased coverage. I don't know if he has ever succeeded. No matter. In this report Hagan seems have a Teflon coating, as it is noted that she is ahead in fund-raising (read "buying the election") and bringing liberal "stars" like Bill Clinton to speak for her, and activating up to 10,000 ground troops to stifle the GOP vote. But how many are outside agitators? Hagan seems to project power. But make no mistake -- it is by sheer circumstance that she attracted critical mass. She seems to have no mind of her own and is directed like a puppet by liberal Democrat fat cats. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Their goal is to re-shape North Carolina into a socialist/Islamic super stew. Do not eat of it. 
It's hard to turn on the TV for long these days without seeing an ad for Sen. Kay Hagan, or her challenger, House Speaker Thom Tillis.