Thursday, September 18, 2014

Destructive floods make a tough existence tougher for Christian mission in troubled Pakistan

Verne Strickland    September 19, 2014

Personal Dispatch from Waheed Kashif –Update on struggles of a Christian mission in Pakistan

blessing to u and family dear brother we are praying for u and family we love u so much,brother flood is low down in our site areas and enter in other province shind,it is also in pakistan,in punjab much loose here man people lost thir homes and property,many life died and people lost thier homes,we did visited in these areas every side crying and worry,tear in our eyes,they need help for foods for children roof and many are caught in different dieases,we are praying for them.u have pain humanity jesus will bless u more and more,brother we are very thankful to u for your all prayer,  Waheed Kashif,

we need your prayer,
Emergency Appeal: heavy rain have killed, injured many people and destroyed hundreds of houses in Pakistan.
Urgent Appeal to Help the homeless people, poor families, weak kids, sick and old people.
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