Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shocker: Race Hustler Jesse Jackson Pulls Race Card In Dallas Ebola Case

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Shocker: Race Hustler Jesse Jackson Pulls the Race Card Over Dallas Ebola Case


Jesse Jackson

I know this may come as a shock to some, but racial grievance industry profiteer Jesse Jackson has already pulled the race card over the Dallas Ebola patient, even before the news today that the Liberian national, Thomas Eric Duncan, died from the deadly and highly infectious disease on Wednesday.
Jackson said that Duncan, who the New York Times  reported “lied” to airport screeners about his prior contact with the Ebola virus, a disease which has no cure or vaccine, would have received better treatment if he were white.

As Jesse Jackson wrote in the Huffington Post  on Wednesday, with the assistance of a “visiting researcher” at Georgetown University, Grace Ji-Sun Kim (emphasis added):
But there are also questions of giving the drug only to those whose cases will bring media attention — like the two white missionaries. Use in such high-profile cases could increase the number of investors and the amount of government money for further research into the drug cocktail.The use of ZMapp raises the question of privilege. Is it only those with better connections to positions of power who will get a fighting chance to receive this experimental drug?
Jackson should know about showing up for events where there’s plenty of media attention, as he’s made a lucrative living showing up anywhere the media will put a microphone in front of his face.

Jackson, a “reverend,” retweeted in May that Pope Francis was a “half dead hum bug u were living with another man in a one bedroom apartment,” and ironically “counseled” fellow Democrat and serial woman abuser Bill Clinton after his famous affair with Monica Lewinsky. Jackson is the father of an illegitimate child due to an extramarital affair

In his HuffPo piece, Jackson then went out of his way to point out that, “Duncan has a foreign accent, black skin, and no health insurance,” then asks, “What role did his lack of privilege play in the treatment he received? He is being treated as a criminal rather than as a patient,” Jackson decided.

Jackson also told WFAA  on Wednesday that, “we know there is different treatment among blacks in the country.”

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