Sunday, December 14, 2014

"BAD DREAM IS OVER; HOOPS DREAM ALIVE" is front page story for "STAR-NEWS". Where are our priorities?

 I will explain this below . . .

 By Verne Strickland
Conservative Curmudgeon

I have a confession to make. I was beginning to calm down on my chronic vendetta against our own personal community paper -- the vaunted "Star-News"

But all of that good will is now in the past. On this Sunday, the Lord's Day, when love should reign everywhere, this curious publication has featured this front page headline (in all caps, and in color): "BAD DREAM IS OVER; HOOPS DREAM ALIVE."

And that ain't all. That headline leads us to a photo of a girl named Jada Bacchus, and underneath that we are informed that: "Off team, Jada was ready to quit school too. But she perservered."

Then there's another photo (we're still on the front page, if you can believe it what I'm saying) showing Ashley senior Jada with her teammates and right hands over their respective hearts.

Then, after a little copy, there's a jump "See JADA 4A". And finally, people, we get to a two-page spread on the same topic. Now, look, I'm sure this young lady deserves a little praise (although I wasn't interested enough to wade through all the details to find out why) but I don't really that when we beat the evil Islamic Front so bad that they surrender and become Christians, or when Hillary gives up the cause and starts stumping for Vice President, or when UNC get a case of the guilts and stops cheating for black athletes -- in any one of those outstanding developments, I don't feel for a moment that the coverage will be more lavish, overblown and undeserved than this story was.

In her defense, this lovely young lady has had a tough time and deserves a break. I have no criticism of her, and do not want to rain on her parade. It's just that -- Damn, boy! Let's try to maintain our composure in the newspaper editor's office. This was just story overkill at its most murderous. 

People, where are our priorities in life? What has it come to, when a happy little feel-good offering like this goes in the same place that real headlines like this occupied way back in 1945:  "IT'S OVER. TRUMAN NUKES JAPAN. TOJO SURRENDERS!" No comparison at all, wouldn't you agree?

Look, put the sports stories on the sports page, along with "Seahawks head to Louisville", and "Wildcats topple Heels", and Oregon QB Mariota wins Heisman Trophy. (Now that last one is more worthy than 'BAD DREAM IS OVER'. And I say that because Marcus Mariota, while clearly deserving of the honor, is also white.

Okay, I know I'm a jerk. But I'm a conservative Christian patriotic jerk who can't wait for Obama to clear out his desk, and for Thom Tillis and David Rouzer to get sworn in so they can run roughsod over the mess that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid made of our beloved U.S. Congress.

Wouldn't you say that should count for something? We've said that our time is coming, and it won't be many days before it arrives.

And all liberal, lying, anti-America, pro-Socialist Democrats will get their comeuppance -- or at least some of it. That'll do for now.

And what will the headlines be on that day?