Saturday, December 13, 2014

'I've Been Hacked, Censored and Misquoted by the Government or Facebook. Leave Me Alone.' Verne Strickland

By Verne Strickland 

Because I am raining such fire, brimstone and hell on these enemies of all things honorable and decent, I am being cyber-stalked, hacked, censored, and blocked from successfully publishing my best work.

Okay, friends -- first, thanks for backing me and encouraging me in this screwy situation where I find myself. Second, let's see where I might go from here.

Those of you who have followed this tawdry tale know that, as a conservative Christian patriotic writer, I set myself up for derision and scorn from people who don't think as I do. And there are countless people on Facebook who fit that category.

The derision and scorn don't bother me in the least. I've experienced it for years, and am used to it. This hasn't dissuaded me from doing what I am certain I was put here to do -- execute God's plan for me. And that is to glorify the Name of our Lord and introduce Him to those who are strangers to Him.

This plan places Satan right in the route that I am taking, and infuriates him no end. That's cool too. But lately he has devised clever ways to discourage me, to confuse and harass me, and marshal his sworn enemies to block my efforts.

That I don't like. Over the past couple of months, I have found my material -- which is invariably direct, hard-edged, and even insulting (to causes driven, fueled and supportive of those twisted souls who are anti-God, anti-America, anti-family, and vehemently against all things that are decent, praiseworthy and good) -- being altered, misdirected, and outright censored.

This is happening because I have worked hard to sharpen the aim of my verbal volleys, and to attract readers who want to see a viewpoint that puts the lie to radical left-wingers, communists, socialists, abortionists, and rabid followers of the false god Allah. And I'll say this -- with over forty years of experience, I have gotten damn good at my craft. I am proud of that.

So what exactly is happening? Because I am raining such fire, brimstone and hell on these enemies of all things honorable and decent, I am being cyber-stalked, hacked, censored, and blocked from successfully publishing my best work.

Most of the problems are showing up on Facebook, where I am very active, have a good, loyal following, and appear to be hitting the hot buttons of those whose causes I least admire.

Most recently, as it became more and more difficult to publish, save and share my posts, I was surprised to find to find this intimidating notice:

"The Department of Homeland Security, under the authority of the Cyber-Intelligence and Protection Act, has informed us that your facebook account may contain material that the U.S. Government finds threatening to national security. Your complete history is being send to the F.B.I. for review."

Wow. Stern words. Not a veiled threat, but a direct one. How shall I respond? Not guilty. In addition, I can honestly say that I have never published anything even vaguely threatening to national security. To the contrary, I have sought to do everything possible to keep Barack Obama, his administration, and pacifist liberals in both houses of the U.S. Congress, from ripping to shreds the national security we have left.

I am proud and grateful to have received many posts from Facebook patriots of like mind, assuring me of their support, and their coaching on how I can avoid being hacked by liberal shills of left-wing politics.

Hacking is criminal. It is invading the sacrosanct archives of national intelligence at the highest level. None of these secrets will be found in the pieces I write. But what will be found -- and this shouldn't be a secret -- is a devout and forthright expression of derision for "Big Brother" tactics such as I am experiencing.

This is not my last salvo on this subject. I will not be silenced. I will not be cowed into writing with less energy and conviction. As, as God is my witness, I will not be silent in the face of threats -- from government or private sector -- against my God or my country.

Leave me alone. I have work to do.

Verne Strickland, Wilmington NC  12/13/14