Friday, December 12, 2014

*Update: Department of Homeland Security reports NC blogger Verne Strickland for 'threatening' post!

By Verne Strickland, December 16, 2014

Anyone else getting this?

Now how about  them apples? Targeted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under the authority of the Cyber Intelligence and Protection Act (CISPA) for posts on my Facebook account that "may  contain material that the U.S. Government finds threatening to national security."
Me? Verne Strickland? Eagle Scout? Former choir boy in the Episcopal Church? Award-winning farm editor at WRAL-TV; family man -- three fine sons, married for 54 years to same wonderful wife; grandfather. Conservative Christian blogger, with heavy traffic on posts about dishonesty and cheating in government, threats to the nation from muslim sharia, terrorism, immorality of abortion, anti-Christ rhetoric and violence, racial tensions, 2014 elections with GOP takeover of U.S. House and Senate, Benghazi scandal and cover-up, the lies of climate change radicals, Obama's destruction of U.S. security, economy, and national well-being, and many more. These hard-hitting posts by Verne Strickland for USA DOT COM have been followed and praised by loyal readers grateful for the truths laid bare and facts offered.

Anyone else getting this?In a sense, it is no wonder that bold comments and opinions on what ails America and who's responsible would be painful to liberals, atheists, socialists, atheists and others in our society and one-sided media.

But in our free society, foremost among a dwindling few on earth, it could almost be thought as criminal, scandalous and sick to discourage, alter and censor the work of  an honest Christmas American who, like the national icon Paul Revere, is only striving -- but mightily and with passion, to keep the passions of modern-day patriots burning.

And this is why it is so puzzling to be aware of the efforts of anti-American citizens in the nation today -- to squelch the honest opinions of writer Verne Strickland and many others who are only exercising their right to free speech. That trend of Big Brother tactics is growing, it's vicious, and it's scary.