Monday, November 9, 2015


Nov. 9, 2015
Hillary Clinton: "I support President Obama Strongly"
"I find a lot of common ground with the Republican Party".
What the hell? This vixen is slithering around like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. She is smiling, but her eyes lie. I wouldn't trust her with any issue of substance.
Vetting is the issue right now that we need to look at. Bill Clinton was not vetted satisfactorily, and look at what we got. A socialist Democrat not even characterized as socialist when he ran for U.S. president. He led us disastrously astray.
He is married to Hillary Clinton, who wants to pick up where Bill Clinton left off. Bill and Hillary are both connected with numerous mysterious deaths of people who were investigating them for fraud and other spurious activities. But "vetted"? No.
Which brings me to Dr. Ben Carson. The dominant U.S. media (traditionally left-leaning, and now to the point of anti-American socialist loyalties) are beginning to zero in on Carson. For what? Embellishing his resume, beating up little black boys with baseball bats (suggestions not substantiated by his own childhood acquaintances) and other trivia.
But where's the meat and 'taters? They'll have to come up with more than that to build the deep distrust against the brilliant neurosurgeon that they are really after.
The whole vetting game is so porous and shoddy as to be totally irrelevant. But it's so vital to discerning who's who in the jockeying for those who have occupied the Oval Office -- and others who want to be next.
We are as vulnerable in this all-important determination as we are in keeping ISIS in check. And I'm far from convinced that we are accomplishing that.
Warning: I put this together in a hurry, so may be installing some edits to it. In the meantime -- keep my post out of the reach of children and do not store at temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Celsius? Don't worry. Scientists still haven't figured out what this actually means. I think it's some sort of elitist European one-world political movement.