Monday, November 9, 2015


By Verne Strickland  November 9, 2015

As a black spokesman for black students at the University of Missouri said tonight-- "Racism is systematic". I don't think that's what he meant to say. He apparently missed more than a few of his English classes.

This whole charade leaves a lot of questions, like -- "Why?" And "What the hell?" Throughout all he melodrama on campus, I never heard any relevant complaints substantiating the alleged "racism". One black campus leader said he "didn't feel welcome".

A graduate student -- (black unless otherwise identified) claimed he would continue his "hunger strike" until the end. What? I saw him in a CNN interview tonight, and the guy didn't look like he hadn't missed a meal in his life -- an obvious put-up job to fan flames of simmering racial tensions.

But if his starvation charade had worked, I think it should be put to a wider test on fat (obese?) black students who could definitely drop a few pounds without collapsing from malnutrition or even rickets. It's clear enough that the black kids are not suffering from a calorie shortage but from a terminal junk diet.

Back to the campus -- and the phony racial ruckus. It finally focused on the university football team, which as a "group" or more accurately a "gang", threatened to boycott the team and throw the next game if the college president didn't quit.

Hey -- whoa! All of these convoluted give-and-take threats cause one to question who is really holding the most marbles here. True, the football players are generating big bucks for the popular college gridiron contests. What are they getting in return? Coveted athletic scholarships, for one thing, through which they get a valuable education free of charge, plus other valuable perks.

It would seem that black young men, who otherwise may have been denied the chance to earn a degree at a top university, would consider that to be quite a handsome pay-off and a fair trade.

What else? Well, I heard it stated that only seven percent of the students at the university are black. Yet they quickly and confidently managed to wield leverage by blackmailing a top school which accorded them priceless career advantages.

The Tigers football players of color who surely have signed some kind of iron-clad lawyer- tested contracts, should be thrown off the team and off the campus for trying to hold this respected U.S. university hostage.

Things have gotten way out of hand here. Let's take control of the campus and its athletic programs back from the spoiled radicals and return it to the school trustees and the State government -- before these unruly and immature punks and punkesses really get out of hand.

Bottom line? This vaunted "diversity" thing ain't what it's cracked up to be, is it?