Sunday, November 29, 2015

 ONCE A POET by Verne Strickland, 

 November 11, 1976

  ONCE A POET By Verne Strickland

November 11, 1976 Crown Center

  good god it’s dark in Baltimore
  and cold in Kansas City
  and I’m headed for the bright lights
  in a first class jet airplane

  I have come across the country
  in my prominence and glory
  and the people who are waiting

  hope I’ll let them buy me whiskey

  I am living in the high time

  but inside I’m sick and heavy
  for my boys and my sweet woman
  are at home cut loose and drifting.

  that’s a winter sun that’s sinking
  and it’s colder than my insides
  and my mind is pale and sighing
  maybe dying

  but my life and times are fat
  and stuffed with fortune fame and favor
  and my vest is smart and fitted
  and admired by poor Chinese

  it is mine the dream you crave
  I have bought it with my greed
  and it’s all the hell and loneliness
  you’ll need.