Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Until the day break , and the shadows flee away

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Till the day break , and the shadows flee away

   Until the day break, and the shadows flee away' 
   Song of Solomon 4:6

    This is on my Grandfather's tombstone. He died June 22,1941

    It has a stunning effect on me. He took his own life on this day.

    I am so desperately sorrowful. I perceive his last moments.

   Here is how I envision him on his day of everlasting Glory:

     I see him rising fresh-faced from his torment
    And hear the flutter of a small dove's wings

    Rays of a morning sun seep through leafy boughs, dappling his face -- It is pale,

    lean, luminescent

    There is a light of wonder in his eyes --
    drenched by dew, God-sent tears 
    like sprinkled holy water
    as from a stone baptismal font 

    My grandfather, young again, his time unspent,
    smiles joyfully as he sees
    the face of Jesus

    He is risen -- risen indeed
    Thank you Precious Lord

    Verne Strickland