Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congressman Mike McIntyre says one thing, does another. Same old Mike.


Verne Strickland Blogmaster   April 19, 2011
Wilmington, NC: Ilario Pantano, conservative Republican candidate for Congress, has issued  the following statement regarding Congressman McIntyre’s  vote in opposition of deficit reduction and his support of Barak Obama’s proposed tax increases:

“In his campaign for re-election last year, Congressman McIntyre told the people of North Carolina that he was a different kind of Democrat – a Democrat they could trust – a Democrat who would stand with North Carolina’s working families.  His recent vote against the budget blueprint for 2012 proved once and for all that his statements were nothing but a sham.”

“When he’s at home in the 7th District Congressman McIntyre likes to talk about cutting spending and promoting fiscal responsibility, but in Washington he votes to continue the status quo of  out of control spending and irresponsibility, Pantano said.  “He’s obviously more concerned about pleasing the special interests and his liberal friends  in Congress that have contributed over $750,000 to his campaign since 2009, than he is in getting serious about cutting spending and reducing the federal deficit. “

“Despite his claims of being an ‘independent voice,’ Congressman McIntyre toed the party line and joined his liberal  colleagues in support of President Obama’s proposed budget  which continues to allow government spending to spiral out of control, raises taxes over $ 1 trillion dollars, and does very little to encourage economic growth or job creation.”

“Congressman Ryan has crafted a balanced budget proposal that protects our seniors, cuts spending by nearly 6 trillion dollars, pays off our debt, and prevents President Obama from raising our taxes. It is the kind of common sense conservative fiscal policy our country needs to grow our economy  and get our deficit under control. “


VS: I caught up with Andy Yates soon after this release hit the streets. Andy is campaign director the Pantano for Congress campaign. I asked him to elaborate on what he sees as the confusing and misleading “McIntyre Factor”.

Yates: It’s the same old Mike McIntyre. Say one thing in the Seventh District and do something else in Washington and hope nobody’s watching. 

VS: So Mike talks a big game, but does his record back in the district match his rhetoric?
Yates: For a guy who brags that he’s looking out for his people back home, he certainly has a disastrous situation to show in Robeson and surrounding counties. I thought it was funny that Mike McIntyre was holding a job fair last week because the best I can tell, for the past sixteen years, the only job he has ever cared about was his own. We’ve had to get to double-digit unemployment before McIntyre even starts to worry about it. The only reason he’s worrying about it now is because it will backlash on him because of the high rates of poverty and joblessness he seems to overlook. 

VS: The 2012 general election is a long way off, but do you see a rematch between Ilario Pantano and Mike McIntyre?

Yates: I do know Ilario is running because he feels the people of Southeastern North Carolina have been misled by somebody who claims to be an independent voice and represent fiscal responsibility, but doesn’t live up to that. I don’t pretend to know what Congressman McIntyre plans to do. He certainly votes like someone who’s going to run.

VS: What kind of scenario would bring them together for another head-to-head battle?

Yates: My crystal ball can’t tell me what district he’s going to be in or whether or not he’s going to run, but it’s clear what Ilario is going to do. He is so disappointed in the poor quality of representation that the conservative people of the District have gotten from Mike McIntyre. He's going to finish the job started in the last election.

VS: How does Mike McIntyre get by with skirting the issues and avoiding responsibility for his own actions and voting record?

Yates: He has taken about $750,000 from liberal members of Congress and special interest groups, and he brings that money back to the Seventh District and uses it to run ads talking about how he’s a conservative and for fiscal responsibility. Then when his liberal buddies fill his campaign fund with money, he votes right along with them regardless of what the conservatives back home may think about it. He's bad news.