Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Left-Wing blog goes totally tasteless and cruel, loses Huggies, Papa John's, Vanguard accounts.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster: 

Publius Forum on 04.20.11 at 7:23 PM
-By Warner Todd Huston
Note, I was going to ignore this story, but since advertisers are pulling out over it, I felt I'd better write about it.
One of the left's favorite websites is called Wonkeete. It is popular because it has a reputation of being newsie, yet snarky, sort of like a less intelligent version of Comedy Central's Daily Report. Truth be known it is more often than not merely profane as opposed to humorous or droll and for some of its advertisers the profane site has gone too far with its April 18 post making fun of Trig Palin, a child with Down's Syndrome.
Wankette "writer" Jack Stuef decided it would be "fun" to mark Trig Palin's third birthday by posting a "funny" post calling the child "retarded," demeaning Trig's intelligence as America's "great gentleman scholar," Saying that Todd Palin molested his own daughter and that resulted in Trig's birth, saying that the child can't dream because "he's retarded," making fun of Trig's sister, Piper, for loving the boy, and saying that because he has Down's Syndrome, Trig is only "somewhat alive."
That is a lot of hate for a three year old developmentally disabled child, isn't it? Imagine. Leftists think all that hate spewed upon a child is "humor." Sort of tells you where leftists are coming from, doesn't it?
Sadly, this is the sort of "new tone" debate we get from the left. They live in a world where doing rape jokes, attacking babies, and demeaning people with disabilities serves as a legitimate vehicle for political debate.
Naturally, as soon as the web got wind of this disgusting display, the chatter against Wankette started... and rightfully so. The backlash against Wankette has resulted in at least three of its advertisers saying that they will no longer advertise on the Wankette site.
Papa John Pizza, Huggies Diapers, and Vanguard financial services have announced that they will no longer advertise on the site or have at least announced that they are going to look into how to have their ads removed from Wankette.
Sadly, the editor of the profane Wankette is supporting his "writer" but told left-wing blogger Dave Weigel that the "writer" is on probation because of the incident.
Now, I have not linked the site yet. I chose the end of this post to do so. I do not suggest clicking on it and have made screen shots for you to see the post. Look below for the screen shot. But if you simply must see the original, it is HERE.
If you'd like to let this Stuef character know how you feel about his hate toward developmentally disabled infants, here are some ways to contact him...!/stuef
Lastly, I know that the argument that the left will make. They will say, "Oh, but this is just one site and the right has just as many jerks saying things like this as we do."
To that, I can only say that while it is true that being a jerk is exclusive neither to the left, the right nor the center, the fact is that Wankette is a mainstream, popular left-wind site and the right has no equivalent. Further, when something like this does happen on the right, conservatives make life miserable for them even though they may otherwise be simpatico. On the other hand, the left loves this sort of hate. IF this sort of hate is spewed at their enemies, they revel in it.