Thursday, April 21, 2011

Despite his False Claims, McIntyre Campaign Funded by Washington Liberals, not Main Street

Verne Strickland Blogmaster

April 21, 2011

 Wilmington, NC:  Andy Yates, spokesman for Pantano for Congress, issued the following statement today  in response to Congressman Mike McIntyre’s false claim that his campaign money doesn’t come from Washington special interests and his ultra liberal colleagues, but instead comes from PACs that “represent local farmers, local businesses, local educators, local health care providers, local law enforcement and others who help drive our economy.”

McIntyre made the claim in Patrick Gannon’s article “McIntyre, Pantano at odds over redistricting messages” posted on the Wilmington Star News’ website this morning.

This is Mr. Yates' comment on the McIntyre claim:

“Congressman McIntyre is once again trying to distort the truth and deceive the people of Southeastern North Carolina. McIntyre falsely claims that his support comes from the local community not ultra liberal Washington politicians or special interests groups but when you look at his FEC report the truth is right there in black and white.  McIntyre’s largest contributors include five of the most liberal, left-wing Congressman in Washington (Debbie Wasserman Schultz FL-20, Joe Crowley NY-7, Richard Neal MA-2, Joe Larson CT-1, and Sander Levin MI-12), the DCCC, Wall Street giant JP Morgan Chase, labor unions, and big drugs.”

“And what about McIntyre’s claim of financial support from local law enforcement PACs and local educators?  His first quarter FEC report shows zero contributions from any law enforcement PACs, local or national, and the only support he shows from educators is the national teachers union.  Where are those contributions from local law enforcement groups and local educators?  Did Mike make them up or did his campaign break the law and fail to report them?”

“Why is Mike McIntyre lying to us?  It’s because he knows he can’t legitimately claim to be an ‘independent voice’ who works for us  when he’s being funded by some of the most liberal politicians in Washington, the national teachers union, big drug companies, and Wall Street titan JP Morgan.  Mike needs to come clean and admit that’s where he gets his support.”

“Meanwhile Congressman McIntyre has skipped out on his most basic duty and FAILED to vote for any of the five budget proposals voted on by the House last week.  And McIntyre and the Democratic leadership failed to even bring a budget to the floor for a vote last year.  Either Congressman McIntyre doesn’t want anyone to know where he stands on the federal budget and spending or he doesn’t even think our nation needs a budget. McIntyre should be ashamed of himself for continuing to try to deceive and mislead the people of Southeastern North Carolina.”


To view Congressman McIntyre’s FEC reports go to:
or to access his first quarter report directly go to:

To see the Star News article with Congressman McIntyre’s false and misleading statements go to: