Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brunswick County GOP setting goals, building precinct strength, focusing on 2012 challenges.


Verne Strickland Blogmaster /  Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 2011 North Carolina Republican Party State Convention this past week-end in the Wilmington Convention Center was, by every measure, a glowing success.

 An all-time record attendance of over 1,650 GOP faithful turned out in a forceful show of enthusiasm and unity.

During the event, we sat ringside at official delegate sessions, and canvassed the hallways gathering exclusive interviews with over 20 patriotic attendees from national to precinct leaders. 

We will be presenting these interviews on USA DOT COM over the next two weeks to share the flavor of this historic meeting, and the thoughts of North Carolina Republicans.

Today we feature our convention interview with Joe Agovino, 70, of Southport NC, a veteran conservative activitist with the Brunswick County GOP:

This was one of the best-organized Republican functions I’ve seen in a long time. Tremendous amount of enthusiasm, great participation, and what’s really exciting is that everyone seems to be focused on the goal – to elect Republican candidates in 2012. 

But beyond that we have a  broader goal – a return to the positive value system that made this country great. I think everybody’s committed to that. 

VS: I’m proud of this Republican Party, Joe. As you say, it is evident that we are beginning to get our act together and moving forward with a united front.

That’s definitely true. You know, my background is as a psychologist, and one of the things I’m seeing is more cohesiveness in the organization, and more motivation. I’ve been involved in politics for many years, and this is the earliest I’ve seen our Republican Party become involved in statewide or presidential elections in an off-election year. That’s a tremendous plus. Our leadership is proactive and aggressive. 

Robin Hayes mentioned here several times that ours is an ‘inclusion party’. And he’s out there welcoming not only GOP faithful, but Independents, unaffiliated voters and conservative Democrats as well. We are reaching new people because of the wonderful value systems that our Republican platform is built upon. 

VS: I’m made aware of the strength of the Party in Brunswick County, where you and your GOP loyalists are really organizing and making waves.

Yes, and that has transpired mainly over the last couple of years. The Brunswick County Republican Party started its renaissance when Frank Iler was the chairperson. Frank is now District 17 representative in the North Carolina House of Representatives. When Frank moved on the greater things, George Bell was tapped to head up our Brunswick organization, and has shown himself to be an exceptional leader.

I was asked to be finance chair, and we’ve set a goal to raise $75,000 before the election in 2012. That’s an unheard of goal here. We’re seeing growth and strength at the precinct levels. That will be vital as Obama’s paid volunteers flood into North Carolina with their liberal agenda. We intend to be ready. 

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