Monday, June 6, 2011

Complete text of Pat McCrory's landmark speech at 2011 N.C. Republican Convention in Port City

Verne Strickland Blogmaster  /  June 7, 2011

 When former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory took the podium this past week-end at the North Carolina GOP convention, he was ready to do business.

McCrory, who is expected to be in the 2012 gubernatorial race challenging incumbent Democrat Beverly Perdue, got it all said in a rousing oratory gem that had delegates on their feet cheering repeatedly during the Saturday afternoon program. 

I was as impressed as everyone else, and mentioned in an earlier post that I would pass along the complete text of McCrory's stem-winder of a talk, which has all the makings of a superb stump speech for his anticipated campaign. 

Here it is: 

In 1998 when I was 32 years old, my boss came into my office at Duke Power and handed me a “package”. The package meant my job position no longer existed along with 1,000 other layoffs that same day. It was a punch straight in the gut. The pain of that day for me will never be forgotten.

In North Carolina since 2008 over 300,000 thousand jobs have been lost ALL in the private sector. Your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, and even many of you also had the same gut punch of losing a job.

We now have NC college graduates returning to their parents' home with no job prospects in sight. We have small business men and women barely hanging onto keep their doors open.

And yet what is our Governor doing . . ? Attending Kentucky horse races, a fund raiser in New York and Chicago. . . raising money from unions and trial lawyers against tort reform, and money from the gaming industry.

What is our Governor doing? Saying she won’t raise taxes and then raising your sales tax, your income tax, and business and corporate tax . . . forcing small business to either leave our state or shut down.

What is our Governor doing? Joining the team of Easley, and Edwards by having to raise and use campaign funds to hire high-priced lawyers because of FBI investigations.

It must be hard to find a good defense lawyer in Raleigh today. They are all taken by our ex and current governor and senator. What a shame and embarrassment!   

 What is our Governor doing? Implementing a psuedo “Government job freeze”, hiring defeated U.S. Congressman Bob Etheridge, hiring a new executive chef,  and hiring Obama Chicago political consultants on the state payroll .This is her jobs program.

Perdue is growing government positions faster than 47 other states!

 It is time for you, and for me, to call our Governor out for her absolute lack of leadership. We have had enough, Governor, while you have used Tax Resources to go on political "job and education" tours, while you demagogue and mislead, create Executive orders out of thin air, while you lose your temper, stomp your feet and become spitting mad, while others in our state capital are making the tough decisions and leading.

Governor – YOU have made yourself irrelevant -- at a time when our state desperately needed your leadership.

Now I will tell you who has NOT become irrelevant. Those state Republicans who the people in this audience helped get elected in 2010. Tom Tillis and Phil Berger are leaders who did not stay on the sidelines! They formed a bipartisan coalition. They trimmed the fat of the bureaucracy. They cut taxes as promised.

They have begun reform of education, and NOT accepted the status quo – not accepting being ranked 43rd in the nation for high school graduation rates. They have helped small business.

Now let me warn each of you here today -- Perdue and President Obama will not go away quietly. They want to hold on to their political power at any cost. In 2012 - MILLIONS of dollars will pour into our state from Big Labor Unions. Thousands of ACORN-style of workers will move to North Carolina. They will fight voter ID. They will try to change our “right-to-work” laws. They will bring “Wisconsin” style political behavior as we saw in our own state legislative chambers this past week.

Ladies and gentlemen these are not conservative Democrats coming to North Carolina. These are the radicals… in fact they are bringing the National Democratic Convention to our doorstep.

Now, I am pleased to report that Chairman Hayes is instituting a grassroots program. We will knock on doors, we will Tweet, Facebook, and Text. We will reach out to Independents and Democrats who want to change the status quo. In 1988, after I lost my job, I thankfully landed back on myfeet and got a new job in the private sector.

That is our goal for everyone.. – to rebuild our economy through the private sector –  quit living on personal credit cards and a government credit card. We will not accept Governor Perdue's so-called  "New Normal".

We will make the tough decisions, so the next generation can continue the great quality of life in North Carolina. It is time for “Serious and Strong Leadership”.

Now that means there is ONE person who must lose their job, and she lives in a Mansion in Raleigh.