Friday, May 4, 2012

Dan (Woody) Woodhouse on Ilario Pantano: "Mike is going to toast his nuts again."

Verne Strickland Blogmaster  May 4, 2011

VS: Interesting little dust-up took place last night under the radar. I sent up some low-grade fireworks saying that a vote for David Rouzer is the same as inviting a family of illegal aliens over to your place for supper. This lit a fire under one of the Senator’s pals, Dan (Woody) Woodhouse, and then all of the following went off in a chat room. Thought you might want to follow the testy exchange. Some overly sensitive people are losing it.

Verne--the post regarding david is not true's not support illario, that is fine but to insinuate this about david is just wrong....

Dan: Well-stated. And you are right. I retract the statement with my apologies. Thanks for calling me out on this. 

then take it off your page---

Easy, Dan. It was gone before you barked out that order. 

i personally know david and i have known dot and jessie for 40 years---they are good people who would give you what ever you needed without favoritism....illario on the other hand---i have serious reservations as do many in the party...that is why the state party does not back him and some other reasons...

Didn't realize you intended to turn this into an endorsement speech. But you're the guy at the keyboard, and this is America. Shall we move along? Nothing else to see here. 

wanted to be perfectly clear on my position---if that offends you i am sorry...been dealing in politics for 35 years...pretty good track record and illario is not the answer....mike is going to toast his nuts again...

Mike is going to toast his nuts again? I would have thought at one time that this brand of crudeness was beneath you. Thank you for being perfectly clear on your position. Question: Since Mr. Rouzer shows a brief burst of candor on his sophomoric television commercials by saying, "I approve this message," I wonder how you feel about his demeaning tone and vain attempt at humor? Spare me any selective indignation.

verne---verne---what did shirley say, just kiss my grits....god i loved that show.....

Dan---dan---I would figure you for that kind of stuff. Have a good evening.