Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Interview May 1, 2012, via Pantano campaign cell phone while en route to campaign stops:

By Verne Strickland  May 2, 2012

PANTANO: We are a week away from the election, and I spent this morning in my Men’s Bible Fellowship with a group of Godly men. We are working through a book about how God will transform us and change our lives and I’ve started my day in the same way I will end my day – I will give it all to God.

The things that have happened in this campaign these years and, Verne, you’ve been a witness to it, defy any earthly explanation. The fact of the matter is the Holy Spirit has been moving through this campaign from start to finish and we  are just blessed beyond words from a fundraiser with the Secretary of Defense to the fact that we have thousands of engaged volunteers who are working tirelessly every day, to the fact that our opponent has made as many missteps as he has, to the fact that the early voting turn-out is favoring our strength on the coast so heavily, so the bottom line is that we feel good, we feel optimistic, and at the end of the day, this is going to be a wonderful David and Goliath story, except Goliath is the Raleigh political establishment brought to its knees by the power of the people here in Southeastern North Carolina, who are our David. 

I think we will all soon have a lot to celebrate. Our victory next week is not to recognize Ilario Pantano, it’s going to be a victory for the thousands of activists who are determined to take their country back, one office at a time, and not be told by powerbrokers in Raleigh or Washington who to vote for, what to think, or what to do. And I think the good news is that we’re going to have not only a candidate but a whole team of people dedicated to taking the people’s voice to Raleigh and Washington, and we’re going to convey that message loud and clear and do it from the rooftops. 

VS: Is the Ilario Pantano today the same candidate that I met and interviewed back in February of 2009 in your first campaign office in Wilmington’s Crossfit Gym, as your energetic campaign got underway?

PANTANO: Yes and no. The Ilario Pantano you know today is two years older, the father of boys who are now two years older, the husband of a wife who celebrates with me our ten-year anniversary. I am a more mature man today than I was then, and I am more in tune with the district now. I was called to this challenge by the Almighty back then, but I didn’t know the full scope of it. Now I am much better prepared to take up this blessed cross, to be represent our Seventh Citizens, to be an advocate, and to be a champion. Also, I can tell you that my Christian walk has become more alive and vibrant and faith-driven. I have published a book about how Christ has moved in my life and changed it so powerfully. 

I was the author of a war story before, and now I’m the author of a love story, and I’m very happy to be sharing this growth with you, my friend, because you too are a Christian who appreciates the transformative power of grace, and you have seen firsthand what many would mock, would not understand, would try to impugn – you’ve seen it this sequence of events, and you’ve seen the way the dice have turned for us, and you’ve seen the way we have triumphed, the way the scrappy little campaign has outdone even Jesse Helms’ legendary fundraising machine in Southeastern North Carolina. On paper, no one could have expected what has happened, and whether we win or lose, the glory will go to God. He is the author of the plan. 


Get Out and VOTE!

Early voting is well under way, and the election is just one short week away. With your vote, we can finally send a true conservative to Washington to represent southeastern North Carolina.

So, have you pulled that lever yet? If not, you can find your early voting location here. Remember, early voting ends on May 5, and Primary Day is May 8.

We love your support. But we NEED your vote!

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We need volunteers who are willing to come in and pick up a phone, talk to your neighbors, and get NC-7 out to vote for Ilario. Stop by our office at 8207 Market Street in Wilmington, or give us a call at 910-821-0089.

If you don't want to make phone calls, there is plenty else for you to do. We also need volunteers to represent Ilario at the polls, now and on May 8. Call Jason Britt at 910-876-4261 or email him at

Save the Date!

Come celebrate our victory on May 8, 7-10 PM at the Fox & the Hound in Mayfaire Center, Wilmington. Dutch treat.  Bring your friends, and join Ilario as he makes the next step toward becoming your Congressman. We have a private room and will be watching the results as they come in.

Tell Your Friends About Ilario’s Conservative Message!

Help spread Ilario’s message of Constitutional Conservatism. Read it over once more, and tell your friends about why Ilario is the only true conservative in this race.
PROSPER – An author, Pantano has worked in global markets and small business. He has signed the front of a paycheck and understands that we grow our national economy by cutting taxes and regulation
·         Create private sector jobs by reducing taxes and bureaucratic uncertainty
·         Build industry by lifting burdensome regulation. Repeal Obamacare
·         CUT, CAP, BALANCE: Make substantial CUTS in spending that will reduce the deficit; impose enforceable statutory CAPS on spending that put us on a path to a balanced budget; and    pass a BALANCED Budget Amendment that limits spending and requires a super majority for raising taxes
·         Secure American energy independence and put Americans back to work by developing all of our energy resources
PROTECT A U.S. Marine Corps officer, Pantano has fought two wars, for his family and for yours, and in Congress he will always fight for our military and our national security
·         Protect our homeland and our economy by securing the borders
·         Protect our citizens from terrorists and Islamic extremist
·         Guard against Chinese currency manipulation and Middle East oil blackmail
·         Anticipate future threats including Radiological and EMP, Biological, and Cyber attacks
PRESERVE – A Christian, Pantano is a husband and father of two young children and wants to preserve the traditional family values and conservative principles upon which our nation was founded
·         Preserve our God-given rights as a nation conceived in Liberty
·         Protect traditional marriage and stop Leftist judicial activism
·         Pro-life: Protect God’s most innocent and vulnerable, the unborn
·         Protect our 2nd amendment right to bear arm
·         Respect our seniors by honoring our promise to preserve Social Security and Medicare
PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP Pantano, a former deputy Sheriff, wants to end the culture of corruption in Washington
·         Demand term-limits to replace our career politicians with citizen legislators; pass an amendment to the Constitution limiting members of Congress to three terms in the House of Representatives and two terms in the Senate
·         Curb the influence of special interest money by shutting the revolving door between lobbyists and Congress in order to restore the people’s trust in government
·         Cut the Pay of members of Congress by 25%, eliminate their Federal pensions and strip them of their Gold plated medical insurance
·         Restore America’s faith in Government by ending Congressional insider trading


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Pantano For Congress
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