Sunday, October 28, 2012

Republican PAC expands into 4 districts (including NC/7) with $4.1 million

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / October 28, 2012

Congressional Elections: Campaigning at Home and in Washington

By Alexandra Jaffe - THE HILL  10/19/12 08:45 AM ET

Vulnerable Democrats are getting a battering from one of the main Republican political action committees working to protect the party's hold on the House, as it launches a new offense in five districts nationwide.

The Congressional Leadership Fund is targeting Rep. Lois Capps in California, Rep. Mike McIntyre in North Carolina, Rep. Kathy Hochul in New York, Rep. Betty Sutton in Ohio, and Pete Gallego in Texas.

The ads target Democrats on everything from their record on taxes to their support for the stimulus. Against McIntyre, the ad asserts that he's "voted the Pelosi line up to 90 percent of the time," and the ad running against Kathy Hochul charges that she "profited from companies outsourcing jobs and doing business with China." The Congressional Leadership Fund is launching both a Spanish and English version of the ad running against Gallego, which targets his position on energy policies and calls him extreme.

The new ads amount to an expenditure of more than $4.1 million, and they come as a part of a new, nearly $13.5 million offensive launched by the group targeting Democrats in the final weeks of the campaign.