Thursday, November 1, 2012

David Rouzer will do what Mike McIntyre has not!

LETTER TO EDITOR / STARNEWS / OCTOBER 15, 2012 Francis Jones / Wilmington NC

We have had a representative in the 7th District for the last 15 years but we have not been represented. 

Mike McIntyre has played the blue dog Democrat for years as a way of seeming conservative to the Republicans and still being liberal to the Democrats. He is a master of playing both sides and North Carolina can't survive his lack of representation anymore. 

David Rouzer as a State Senator has cut government spending and has cut government regulation that under McIntyre has crippled business in the 7th District. 

Rouzer won't bring us checks from Washington with his name on it. Instead he will work so we can keep more of our own money and reinvest it in our industries and community. 

McIntyre will not fight to cut taxes because this is where he has power with the entitlements and what it comes down to is that Mcintyre wants to stay a Congressman at any price even if it means selling out his own District. 

Rouzer has no problem taking power away from wasteful government agencies and this has not been done under the McIntyre watch. 

Things are not getting better in the 7th and McIntyre has been here for a very long time so if he is not part of the solution he is the problem. He is the problem. 

He hasn't created jobs but has gotten us deeper in debt by supporting the policies of the Obama Administration. 

Rouzer will take on these tough problems and not run from them as McIntyre always has. If McIntyre was going to make things better he would have done it by now. He must go!