Monday, November 5, 2012

David Rouzer pauses for USA DOT COM interview as he campaigns in NC/7.

By Verne Strickland / November 5, 2012

GOP candidate David Rouzer was still taking his conservative message to voters in the Seventh District today as polling places were being readied for Election Day 2012.

Rouzer has worked tirelessly to promote fiscal sanity, reduced government regulation, and a return to the values that have made the Cape Fear Region one of the most desirable places in America for families to live and work.

We caught up the Senator Rouzer today to get his assessment of the election which many have called "the most important in our lifetime."

These are excerpts from that interview:

VS: Senator, what are the core messages you have emphasized during this hard-fought campaign?

ROUZER: This is a watershed election. We’re at a real crossroads in the Seventh District, as well as in America. We have a Congressman who has neglected his constituents by squandering his votes for an Administration that is selfish and destructive and wasteful. Mr. McIntyre has overstayed his welcome, and we can’t afford to have him in office for two more years. I am prepared to turn our District around by supporting fiscal sanity, reduced regulation, honesty and transparency in government. If Mike McIntyre can’t get the job done in sixteen years, he has proven that he doesn’t know how. This is our chance to get a fresh start in Washington with a true conservative. I am ready to serve the people of the Seventh District with policies that pay off in jobs and a vibrant economy. I hope voters will give me that opportunity.

VS: Jobs and the economy have been a key focal point throughout this 2012 Election. Why would a voter choose you and your platform over that of the incumbent Congressman?

ROUZER: Our State and District need a congressman who can get our economy going again. We’ve been mired too long in a stagnant situation created by politicians in Washington who have perpetuated stifling regulation and escalating taxes. Free enterprise, not bloated government, is how we create real  jobs and meaningful growth. Mike McIntyre and his friends in Washington have taken the “free” out of free enterprise. I will work with all my energy and strength to restore what we’ve lost and give our people opportunity and renewed faith in the future.

VS: As the race goes into its final hours, how do you feel you are positioned to win?

ROUZER: This is going to be a close election right down to the wire. But a leading political pollster shows the Seventh District “leaning” Republican at this time. That’s exciting news. But enthusiasm won’t get the job done if we don’t take our conservative beliefs to the polls and vote our convictions. I’m counting on each and every registered voter to do that. Liberal Democrats in Washington don’t have the discipline to solve our fiscal emergency and break the jobs crisis. I want to get to Washington and show how it can be done. I am ready for that challenge.