Saturday, November 10, 2012

No-nonsense Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) says Petraeus will testify voluntarily or be subpoenaed.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 10, 2012

Trey Gowdy sworn in by Speaker John Boehner

On Friday, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Fox News' Greta van Susteren that General David Petraeus will either testify on the Benghazi attack voluntarily or be subpoenaed.

“The fact that he’s resigned and had an affair has nothing to do with whether or not he’s gonna be subpoenaed to Congress,” he said. "I hope we don’t have to subpoena a four star general and a former CIA director. I would hope he would come voluntarily but if he won’t he will be subpoenaed."

Rep. Gowdy: Either Petraeus will come before congressional committee or he will be subpoenaed
 Petraeus was slated to testify next Thursday at closed congressional hearings before the House and Senate intelligence committees. Acting CIA Director Michael Morell is expected to take his place, but Gowdy says that Petraeus' testimony is vital, and his resignation is irrelevant.

"He’s either a witness in our case in chief or he’s gonna be a rebuttal witness if Susan Rice and others blame him for their failure of intelligence and failure of information. But there is no way we can get to the bottom of Benghazi without David Petraeus,” he said.

“While he might not be around next week because he’s got personal matters, the week after that and the week after that, this excuse will run stale.”

Petraeus announced his resignation Friday, citing an extramarital affair.According to Fox News, the affair was discovered by the FBI during an investigation into a much broader case.

"Fox News has learned that during the course of this investigation, the name of biographer Paula Broadwell came up. The FBI followed that lead and in doing so, uncovered his affair with her. The FBI for some time was concerned that perhaps Petraeus was some sort of victim, but there has been no evidence discovered to back up such concerns," Fox reported Friday.

The sudden announcement caused many to question the timing of the resignation, coming just days after Obama's re-election victory.