Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sweeping up the last trash. Obama's trash. Election 2012 is at hand.

November 4, 2012

So here we are, mere hours before the polls open on November 6, and we are still wondering about the answer to the big question – did Obama lie about Benhazi?

Well, that’s not the biggest question. That deals with who takes home a victory on Election Day.

Whatever – the president has been caught ignoring the truth many times. Many misguided voters apparently would rather have a lying Democrat as president than a truthful Republican. 

On Fox News late today, Charles Gibson, looking very weary, is quizzing David Axelrod, who is looking very nervous and shifty.

Axelrod, who at this point still has his moustache, assures Gibson that Obama “wants to not only find out what went wrong” at Benghazi – he wants to fix it as well!

Say what? It’s way too late to “fix” anything, isn’t it? 

That story line is already written. Ambassador Christopher Stephens is dead – murdered in cold blood by Muslim jihadists after being bloodied and sodomized – and three SEALs are dead as well. 

The president failed egregiously to stay in touch with the situation, to take it seriously, and has left our diplomatic staff and their loyal but insufficient wall of protectors to go it alone – with predictable results.

Obama can perhaps be praised for wanting to never allow such a thing happen again, but this deplorable chapter in American history cannot be rewritten or revised. It is done. And he did it.

It is insulting for Obama to say now that he wants to “fix it”. As usual, the president is a day late and a dollar short. And  -- hopefully -- about  thirty electoral  votes shy as well. That oughta do it.

Wishful thinking? Could be. Prayerful concern? No doubt about it. 

Keep the prayers coming. But your vote has to be there too.God bless America.