Saturday, July 19, 2014


Christian activist Waheed Kashif fends off persecution daily in Pakistan 

By Verne Strickland  July 19, 2014  

Waheed Kashif is a Christian friend in Pakistan. We have corresponded for awhile. I have come to know him, his passion for serving Christ in a hostile environment, his courage while being persecuted in the workplace, his need to reach out to fellow Christians in the United States.

I am starting a series on his plight and his ministry HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY. It will tug at your heartstrings to read what he goes through in order to stay faithful to God.

He tells it all better than I ever could. Today I am going to publish some of our recent conversations. You will have an insider's view of what it is to live and work in a country where Christians walk in danger and fear.

Waheed apologizes unnecessarily for his English, which I tell him should never be a concern. He is improving, but I assure Waheed that he makes up for any language problems with his obvious sincerity and warm personality. 

Message exchange between Waheed Kashif and Verne Strickland

thanks so much,dear brother Jesus always guide us and u and help us,he loves us,holy spirit guide u and all his lovers that believe his cross and his blood,his grace broken all the chain of devil,u are doing great job in Christ,brother i visited it it is so powerful and bless blog,we are very thankful to u and your family and friends,we have faith it is much bless for many souls,your work is written always with the power of holy spirit,we are praying for u and all,we love u so much,GOD BLESS U,

*** Waheed sends many wonderful photos for you to view:

THESES ARE taken in srilanka there we was running a persuaded church,my wife with me,

brother how we are serving to poor and needy children in pakistan give them good foods,and good education,

brother i send u because it will be work for your blog and suffering humanity of our country,many souls are praying for u,brother we are nothing every thing happen with his will and time,GOD always is great,U ARE powerful writer,it is big blessing for u,he will bless u more and more very day, god bless u,

VS: You are too kind. I actually am disappointed with this first effort on my part. It should have been much more focused. Sorry. But this for me is a long-range effort, and many posts on my Facebook page as well as on USA DOT COM will be devoted to this informational effort which God Himself has endorsed. Right now I feel like Moses -- "Lord, why me? I am old, I am ill, I am inept. I can't free your people from the Egyptians." But Moses did what God challenged him to do. So, Waheed, with the direction of the Holy Spirit, and with you as my partner, we will make this work. This is only the first shot in a war -- a war to establish and protect a Christian presence in a hostile sector. I am so pleased that you have stuck by me and "pressured" me to get on board. I love you, brother. God bless you.

VS: It is early Saturday here in Eastern North Carolina and I am very worried about you. I have not heard from from you for over two days. I hope and trust that you will advise me of your situation without delay. I fear that somehow the high-profile stories about HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY may have gotten into the wrong hands. I pray urgently that you are well and not in danger. Please, Lord, keep my friend and Christian brother Waheed safe and well. Amen.

love u so much dear brother your kind words and love and prayer we are now safe and sound but we do not know about situation we are in his hand and he always keep us save and sound. brother we do not write freely u can just feel, our all around danger but we are safe, we do not fear because jesus with us.

brother fight with devil with the power of holy spirit,we want to complete his work fast, we want to complete a school for our little innocent children,as soon as possible in this way they can read and write in won school were there is no worry, u know how much worry in there school.nnworry,u know much worry in there school.

brother u write nice and powerful just thing what wrong me and what danger me just that words do not write,little is not worry.your words always be powerful hope your new blog of suffering humanity will be powerful and bless and many will change,

your hidden words understand usa people what u mean,i know your words always be bless for others,brother my English is not so good because it is not our mother languge.

brother most time i m persucted in my office i am only one christian there,it is electric power company,difficult to do job but what can we do,we are doing with faith and his grace, care and serve the suffering humanity is my passion and my work.

VS: I'm just relieved to know that you are safe. I was very worried. Thank God for watching over you. I'm so sorry to realize that you are being persecuted at your workplace because you are a Christian. I ask the Lord to be especially watchful, and change the hearts of your detractors. You are a wonderful example of how a Christian should respond to persecution. You are strong and resolute, and the Lord will favor you. I will continue with a second post on the wonderful mission. I would like to use some of your comments. They are powerful. Knowing of your plight would create much support and response here. Would this be a problem for you?

thanks so much brother,your prayer always give us blessing,brother hope u write in bless way and it will not create problems,for us.he is our lord GOD who give u power of writting,and wish,he loves u.

VS: There is more, but this might give you and idea of the stress Waheed feels as he does his daily job, helps with the many projects of the Christian mission in Pakistan. We'll provide another post soon. Meanwhile, please pray for him, for HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY, and, if you will for me. Please send your responses here. I'll have a direct contact with Waheed in my next post. Thank you and God bless all.